The subscription price for access to pay-only portions of The Law Report for a single user is $80.00 per month plus GST, payable in advance.

Monthly and annual invoicing are available to subscribers, with a 5% discount if paid annually. Members of the New Zealand Bar Association and Criminal Bar Association can receive an additional 10% discount.

Users can cancel their subscription by giving one month's notice to  . Any unexpired portion of the user's prepaid subscription will, after the one month notice period  has expired, be refunded to the user, except for users who pay their subscription on a monthly basis.

  • To subscribe for a single user access payable monthly, click the subscribe link.

To enquire about:

  • Paying by annual subscription; or
  • Preferential pricing for multiple users from the same organisation or chambers, members of the New Zealand Bar Association and Criminal Bar Association;

please contact us


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