Gawpers go home: how luxury flat-owners could shut down the Tate's viewing platform (24 April 2017) (United Kingdom)

Good walls make good neighbours – but not, it seems, when they are made entirely of glass. Five residents of the multi-million-pound Neo Bankside towers, which loom behind Tate Modern like a crystalline bar chart of inflated land values, have filed a legal claim against the museum to have part of its viewing platform shut down. They claim that its 10th-floor public terrace has put their homes into a state of “near constant surveillance”.

The high court claim goes on to complain of the trauma of living life in a “goldfish bowl”, arguing that the “viewing platform is unreasonably interfering with the claimants’ enjoyment of their flats, so as to be a nuisance”.

“The ‘goldfish bowl’ is the key,” says Paul Greatholder, expert in property disputes at Russell-Cooke solicitors. “The point that will be made in court is that these people voluntarily bought a goldfish bowl to live in...

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