Full list of Justice Sector Seriousness Scores released (3 May 2017) (New Zealand)

New Zealand Law Society

Justice Minister Amy Adams has released a detailed list of Justice Sector Seriousness Scores.

The long and detailed list (200 pages) released by Ms Adams includes offences such as "Fails to display Carless Day Sticker" (a hangover from the fuel crisis of the early 1970s with a seriousness of 0.2621892, compared with the chart-topping "Murder" at 11901.35484), the more serious "Noisy Exhaust" (0.899100899) and a breach of the Termites Act (which is not very serious at all, at 0.085470085).

The working paper states that seriousness scores are used across the justice sector in a number of ways, including...

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