Eminem v National Party: copyright case over song ‘Lose Yourself’ (2 May 2017) (New Zealand)

A J Park

The trial has begun for the long-running battle between the owners of the copyright in the Eminem song ‘Lose Yourself’, and various parties (including the National Party) who are alleged to have infringed that copyright.

In 2014 the National Party ran an election campaign advertisement featuring an instrumental track with a striking resemblance to ‘Lose Yourself’. The ‘soundalike’ track was sourced by the National Party’s advertisers from the Australian music supplier BeatBox, who marketed the track as ‘Eminem-esque’. The copyright owners (who don’t include Eminem himself) are alleging that the track goes beyond simply evoking the Eminem song, and is in fact an infringing copy.

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